Lucky Charm Lash Serum

Lucky Charm Lash Serum

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My Lucky Charm Lash Serum is a must have! use just one drop on both eyes every night. make sure to massage the oil into your lash line. Be careful; don't get it in your eyes, close them and picture how beautiful your lashes are going to be. this 15 ml bottle is enough for three months supply. you will start to see results after only 3 weeks !

organic jamaican castor oil
organic rosemary oil
organic rosehip seed oil
organic vitamin e oil
organic aloe vera gel  

*consult use with your doctor if you are pregnant, have allergies, or other medical conditions such as diabetes, prolonged use of some essential oils could be harmful to you.
*always do a patch test when testing new products, including new batches. Always keep skin care water free and air tight. 
***these statements have not yet been evaluated by the FDA and are for informational purposes.***

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