About Earths Eclipse

Around Fall of 2014 i found an article on pinterest about why you should make your own deodorant, it explained the harmful effects of antiperspirant (especially for women) and how its in every single feminine deodorant available in stores and in none of the mens. This article alone led me to want to learn more about what ingredients are in my skincare and how to make my own products. 

My medicine cabinet soon became empty, no more pretty pink perfumes and lotions distracting me from the fact that I'm putting toxic and mysterious chemicals in my body. After just a little research i found endless formulas for skincare, on top of that i did extra research on essential oils and their hundreds of benefits. After sharing these tips with family and friends and seeing results on them, not only myself i decided to share my (not so) secret with anyone who's willing to listen! 

Earths Eclipse uses nothing but ingredients created by our Mother.

Organic or 100% pure

no alcohol

no parabens

no toxic chemicals

no animal testing